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The Problem with Today’s Grids
Fixed function hardware

Hardware-based protection and control system are inflexible and static, lacking real-time operational capability for configuration and management.

One-way connectivity

Inability to manage bidirectional power flows required to operate and manage power grids with renewable energy sources.

Manuel control

Today’s protection & control systems are not built for dynamically changing loads and increasing integration of inverter-based energy sources – resulting in more outages.

Zero interoperability

Not flexible enough to allow rapid integration of distributed generators and dynamically changing new loads (such as EVs, heat pumps).

An effective energy management system is vital for businesses looking to optimize their energy usage and reduce costs. At Euto Energy, we offer cutting-edge grid energy management systems that provide comprehensive solutions for better energy management.

A comprehensive Protection & Control System is the foundation of a resilient power grid. Our advanced protection relays are designed to quickly detect abnormal conditions and isolate faulty equipment, preventing cascading failures. By employing automation controllers, we automate various processes within the power grid, reducing the risk of human error and enhancing efficiency.

At Euto Energy, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that revolutionize the energy landscape. Our Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are at the forefront of this transformation.

In the modern business landscape, energy optimization is imperative for enhancing operational efficiency, cutting costs, and minimizing environmental impact. At Euto Energy, we understand the importance of energy optimization and offer innovative solutions designed to maximize efficiency and sustainability.

At Euto Energy, we understand that efficient asset management is crucial for organizations to track and maintain their valuable assets. Our advanced asset management system provides a centralized platform to monitor asset performance, schedule maintenance tasks, and optimize asset utilization. With real-time data monitoring and seamless integration, our system streamlines operations and ensures regulatory compliance.

Home Energy Management (HEM), powered by Euto Energy, offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing energy usage and promoting sustainability in various aspects of your home.