Euto Energy


In our organization, which applies Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and computer-based industrial automation system design, software and production,

We are committed,

To know the customer, to bring innovative solutions in accordance with his needs and expectations, to ensure customer satisfaction with product and service quality in line with changing and developing market conditions, with innovative and competitive customer-oriented product service management in the sector,

To contribute to the development and Quality Management of the employees by giving special importance to the provision of all kinds of training opportunities and resources for the personal and professional development of its employees, which it considers as the most valuable asset of the company, and to the complete fulfillment of occupational health and safety requirements in the working environment,

To act with an understanding of a management system that can be monitored, measured and achieved in order to continuously improve the performance of our quality management system,

To adopt the total quality philosophy to all personnel and to continue training activities uninterruptedly,

To increase its domestic and international market share by offering products to the customer on time with a quality and reasonable price approach,

To adopt an understanding that undertakes to comply with all laws, regulations and standards that we are subject to with the Quality Management System, eliminates hazards, precisely determines all kinds of risks, deals with opportunities, and ensures and improves the continuity of compliance by determining all possible health threats, injuries and improvement needs,

To provide the best service to all our customers in all our activities as Euto Energy with our principles of Ethical Approach, Confidentiality, Customer and Quality Oriented, Open to Continuous Improvement.