We produce integrated solutions that include high-end operating system-based software and hardware product designs for energy grid protection, measurement, control, automation and communication needs.

IIoT Energy Management & Automation Application

No-code cloud based software platform for developing IoT and SCADA applications supporting industry standard protocols.

EUTO Micro-Grid | Centralized Protection and Control

Automate and manage all data monitoring, control and automation processes in the micro-grid without the need for third-party software!
It can be configured and run through ready-made web-based configuration interfaces no-code development in an end-to-end integrated manner with the IoT application development platform EUTOPIA and field devices (eRTU-X101).

Smart Meter Solutions

Smart Meter gateways provide advanced protocol conversion and automation functions to improve control and data usage of smart meters. The gateway collects data in real time from one or more smart meters via measurement protocols such as DLMS, IEC 62056–21 and Modbus and then transfers them to a control and control system such as a control center or SCADA.

Protocol Conversion

EUTO RTU devices are Remote Terminal Unit/Protocol Gateway device that provides data transmission between the field and the central station. It already supports all protocols used in energy automation applications on this device. Counter, protection relay, analyzer etc. in the field. It communicates with different devices over different protocols at the same time, and ensures that the collected data is converted into protocols related to the center or other units and transmitted. The device has been designed to provide all industrial compatibility required by this field.

IEC 61850 Solutions

IEC 61850 is an international standard for the communication systems of substations controlled by automation. This new standard enables the integration of all protection, control, measurement and monitoring functions within a substation. The main goal is to combine the performance and reliability of today's requirements of substations with ethernet. With IEC61850, it is ensured that high speed transformer protection applications work safely and quickly.

Distribution Grid Automation

It depends on the size of the network, the nature and amount of the load, and the type of system equipment. As the distribution system grows and becomes more complex, is automation sufficient to achieve optimum performance and operate satisfactorily and safely?