EUTOPIA is a no-code software platform especially designed to develop IoT applications in electricity distribution networks. On this software, it is possible to read, visualize, analyze and apply data related to energy and distribution operation from the field. The relevant communication protocols (IEC 61850, Modbus, DLMS, DNP3, MQTT, IEC 60870 etc.) are supported at the configuration level so that the field data can be read directly over the most common standards used in the industry.
  • EUTOPIA is a web-based visual interface software that can run directly on web browsers. EUTOPIA software directly connects to eRTU-X101 devices in the field and pulls data. EUTOPIA is compatible with EUTO RTU/Gateway product family.
  • Screens can be designed so that all data received on EUTOPIA can be displayed dynamically and in real-time on different visual objects. It provides real-time monitoring and control.
  • Reads, visualizes, analyzes and applies of field data related to energy and distribution operation.
  • EUTOPIA can also perform operations such as processing, combining, saving the raw data it receives from the field. All these operations can be done by the end user with the visual interface and are easy.
  • All data received and processed from the field with the EUTOPIA software can be exported in formats such as excel in the formats it is configured.