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Communicates Real-Time and Seamlessly
eRTU-X101 is a Remote Terminal Unit/Protocol Gateway device that provides data transmission between the field and the central station. It is the main device used for communication in medium high voltage automation. It provides transmission by talking to control centers and breakers at the same time. It also processes data with precise time stamp. It already supports all protocols used in energy automation applications on this device. Counter, protection relay, analyzer etc. in the field. It communicates with different devices over different protocols at the same time, and ensures that the collected data is converted into protocols related to the center or other units and transmitted. The device has been designed to provide all industrial compatibility required by this field.

eRTU-X101 reads data from the meters in the field with serial or ethernet protocols. Simultaneous communication can be achieved with different brands of meters on the same line over different protocols (for example, Modbus and DLMS).
It is designed in a modular structure and can provide different types of communication in the field at once. Thus, application-specific hardware cost is optimized. It uses EtherCAT protocol in terms of speed, security and uninterrupted communication in its internal communication with its additional modules.
  • Protocol gateway
  • Sequence of events
  • Modular design
  • Media conversion
  • Redundancy

Protocol gateway

Convert any protocol/s, one-to-one or multiple-to-multiple simultaneously. Gateway to/from any protocol from/to EtherCAT master in order to control and monitor time critical applications integrated into the whole system. 3G/4G Modem or WiFi communication module can be integrated into the device which allows access to the complete data model via secure VPN connections.

Sequence of events

Historical records with precise timestamps can be saved on non-volatile memory to allow analysis of critical events later.

Modular Design

There are 2 slots on the main board to integrate 3 different on-board module options:
• 3G/4G Modem or WiFi
• 8 digital inputs
• 6 digital outputs
• 1 analog input, 2 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs
External analog/digital I/O and current/voltage measurement modules can be controlled in real-time from EtherCAT bus:
• eXIO-D100
• eXIO-M100
• eCVM-P100

Media Conversion

Communication media between different stages of applications can be converted efficiently, one-to-one or multiple-to-multiple simultaneously.


HSR/PRP can be applied from configured F/O and copper ethernet ports to supply zero recovery time on networks faults.
Hardware level RSTP can also be available to provide recovery on regular ring networks.




8 wide-range digital inputs
20-265V AC/DC


N/O 8/A relay contacts


1 4-20mA analog input
3 digital relay outputs (8A N/O)
2wide-range digital inputs
There are 2slots to choose to integrate
any combination of M8DV2, M60V2
and M1A3O2DV2 modules.


Internal Battery back-up
BBV2 module is placed on different
slot completely covered in the
enclosure and can be integrated or
not optionally



USB-Mini, OTG, used for management


A-type, device mode

1 RS232/RS485


2 RS485/RS422


3 10/100/1000BaseTx


3 10/100BaseFx

Fiber optic, SFP module