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Current and Voltage Measurement Module of the Gateway Family
eCVM-P100 is the secondary measuring device in the transformer transmits the measured data to the RTU devices.
  • Modular Design
  • Media Support
  • EtherCAT
  • Network Topologies
  • Compatibility

Modular Design

There are 4 slots on the main board to integrate 2 different types of measurement boards:
Current Measurement Board
• Consisting 4 isolated current inputs
Voltage Measurement Board
• Consisting 5 isolated voltage inputs
Different board combinations might be available on request with analog/digital I/O boards from eXIO-M100.

Media Support

2 ports 10/100BaseTx copper Ethernet supported for regular applications.
2 ports 10/100BaseFx fiber optic interface via SFP module connection supported for long distance communication or the environments with high EMI noise.


2 ports EtherCAT Slave connection for data exchange.
All voltage and current channels are measured and processed by dedicated real-time processors. Data to monitor and control are directly drived by the CPU which is only dedicated to EtherCAT slave controller ASIC, which allows very high speed data exchange with the main controller units such as eRTU-X101.
Thanks to EtherCAT protocol, I/Os can be accessed from the master unit in microseconds, even when hundreds of devices are connected on the bus.

Network topologies

Wide range of network topologies can be supported according to the requirements of the application.


eCVM-P100 can be used fully compatible with other products from EtherCAT bus family:
• eRTU-X100 / eRTU-X101
• eXIO-M100
• eXIO-D100



10/100BaseTx 2

EtherCAT Slave

10/100BaseFx 2

Fiber optic, SFP Module
Ethercat Slave

Current Inputs 4

8-pin Terminal (10 mm)

Voltage Inputs 4

10-pin Terminal (7.62 mm)


There are 2 ports drived by the
Each port can be selected as copper
or fiber optic independently.
(4)Current input board
(5)Voltage input board

There are 4 slots to choose to integrate
current and voltage input boards.

There migth be different combination limited by board size limits.
Some combinations:
- 1 Voltage Input, 1 Current Input
- 2Voltage Input boards
- 2 Current Input boards

Additionally, further combinations
can be made with analog/digital I/O
boards from eXIO-M100 device.Those
combinations are evaluated on